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Get to know Marie

Marie Dennis is a passionate advocate for the ADHD community and the owner of Lancaster ADHD Solutions, an ADHD coaching practice based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Discover Marie's story and learn about her journey with ADHD by exploring the sections below.

Marie's Family

Marie's ADHD Journey

A "wild child" from birth, Marie's ADHD journey started when she was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 4.  Back in the 1980s, interventions for ADHD were limited, and because Marie was also diagnosed as gifted, no one suggested any explanations, support, or interventions for her ADHD throughout her first 15 years of schooling.


Although Marie always did well academically, she always had the feeling that something was wrong with her.


Despite her academic success, she couldn't explain how she produced her work and struggled with organizing her thoughts and synthesizing information. She relied on absorbing what was said in class and didn't read a full book until her Junior year of college when a friend suggested she try ADHD medication.

Starting medication for ADHD was a pivotal experience for Marie. It was as if cataracts were removed from her eyes, and suddenly she could read, organize her thoughts, and synthesize information freely and with intent. Medication was a game changer, but Marie still felt that something was missing. It wasn't until she began researching ADHD for her own child that she truly understood the extreme impact that ADHD had on her life and well-being. Prior to this realization, she thought that ADHD only affected her in environments that required high levels of concentration, like school or work. However, through her research, she learned that ADHD affects every aspect of her life.

It was like another set of cataracts were removed from her eyes as she discovered that many things about herself that she had brushed off as quirks, felt shame or not good enough about were a result of the type of brain she had not her moral shortcomings.  Suddenly everything made so much sense. Marie realized that ADHD was not just about difficulties with concentration, but it also affected her executive functions, emotional regulation, time management, and self-esteem. This realization was a turning point for Marie as she began to fully embrace all aspects of herself and learned to work with her brain, rather than against it.

With her newfound understanding of ADHD, Marie embarked on a journey of research and coaching training to develop systems that were specifically designed for neurodivergent brains like hers. She discovered that many popular systems and strategies were not effective for those with ADHD, and she was determined to change that. Marie learned to harness her unique strengths and adapt her approach to suit her neurodivergent brain. She developed strategies that helped her stay organized, manage her time effectively, and regulate her emotions. These strategies not only transformed her own life, but also the lives of her clients as she began her career as an ADHD coach.

Marie's ADHD journey has been one of self-discovery, empowerment, and advocacy. She has learned to embrace her neurodivergent brain and use it as a source of strength rather than a limitation. Through her coaching, she helps others with ADHD understand and navigate their own ADHD journeys, providing them with the tools, strategies, and support they need to thrive. Marie's personal experience with ADHD has given her a deep understanding and empathy for those with ADHD, and she is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with ADHD by helping them unlock their full potential and live fulfilling lives.

About Marie


Born and raised in Philadelphia, Marie pursued her love for art and social justice, obtaining a Bachelor's degree from Temple University's Tyler School of Art and pursuing graduate studies at Princeton Theological Seminary.

Marie's career journey started in social work, and she later transitioned to becoming a stay-at-home mom while continuing her work as an art teacher with a focus on art as social justice. However, her perspective on ADHD changed when her own child was diagnosed with ADHD, and she realized the lack of ADHD-specific services in the Lancaster area.

Motivated by her personal experience and the need for support in the ADHD community, Marie decided to restart her career and pursued training as an ADHD coach through the ADD Coaching Academy (ADDCA).


She founded Lancaster ADHD Solutions to provide coaching and support to individuals with ADHD, helping them develop strategies, skills, and tools to thrive in their daily lives.

In her free time, Marie can be found indulging in her passions, such as gardening in her backyard, creating art in her studio, or exploring the beautiful hiking trails that Lancaster County has to offer. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, and she is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with ADHD in Lancaster County and beyond

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