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ADHD Support for All Ages

Do you feel like everyday life is harder for you or your child than it needs to be?

Does life seem like it's easier for those around you? 

Do you sense that you or your child's brain functions in a different way from those around you?

Are starting or finishing tasks a constant struggle for you or your child?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're not alone.


The truth is that as ADHD affected individuals, our brain does work differently from those around us! Our brains are not better or worse from those around us, just different.

Because of this difference a great deal of our problems as ADHDers stem from trying to operate from a manual that was just not made for our type of brain!

Welcome to a place where your way of doing things is celebrated!

At Lancaster ADHD Solutions, we specialize in helping you to uncover the distinctive way your mind operates.


We acknowledge that conventional ways of getting things done likely does not work for you and that is why we're here to offer ADHD-friendly, professional support aimed at helping you create a personalized "owner's manual" for your brain. Together, we'll work on developing strategies that align with your specific strengths and processing modalities and make sure the everyday is a little bit easier for you and your family!

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